Americans are proud of their independence and dislike being dependent on others. Most want to age in place — in their own homes — for as long as possible. There are good reasons for them to do so.

Living independently offers unique challenges, but new ideas to make it possible and practical are being created every day. It’s no longer just about “aging in place” — where we’ll live. It’s about aging in community — how we’ll live.

Watch the following films to learn more.

Caregiving Films

The majority of us want to age in our own homes. But what happens when access to the care we need is difficult to come by? Family, friends may have moved away — or passed away. Others may be overwhelmed by the task. Click to view the films.

Multi-Generational Living Films

Whether it’s a young adult moving back in with the family or an older parent rejoining the clan, there are now 50 million Americans living in multigenerational households, a 10 percent increase from 2007. Click to view the films.

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) Films

NORCs are places where groups of seniors have lived within a specific geographic area for many years. NORCs can be found in a cluster of high rises in a big city or a group of homes in suburbia. Click to view the films.

To age in place, certain basics such as groceries, medical care, and house maintenance need to be available. Transportation should be accessible. Interaction with other people is imperative. Those of us moving into our later years are seeing solutions we never thought possible before. And we’re looking forward to what may come. Click to view the films.

Safe & Healthy Homes Films

With so many of us wanting to age in place – no matter what place we chose — being healthy and safe gains increasing importance. Click to view the films.

Village Movement Films

What started as a group of neighbors — formed to help with a variety of tasks from changing a light bulb to driving each other to the grocery store or doctor — has expanded to include home repair referrals, vetted service providers and social events and educational programs. They are known as “Villages.” Click to view the films.