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With so many of us wanting to age in place – no matter what place we chose —  being healthy and safe gains increasing importance.  From avoiding tripping on a rug to maintaining home repairs to remembering what to do in an emergency are all important items on the home health and safety to-do list. 


In 2018, Staying Put or Moving On released a short film about senior co-housing called Growing Old Together. The subject is near and dear to many Boomers who have fantasized about recreating the communal housing of the 1960s and 1970s when they lived and shared resources and meals with friends in intentional communities.

“Growing Old Together” took us to Glacier Circle Community in Davis, CA, the oldest co-housing community in the United States and then north to Grass Valley, CA, where Wolf Creek Lodge co-housing nestles in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Then we went to Elderberry Cohousing Community in rural North Carolina, but not far from Durham. 

The residents of all three communities live active, independent lives and work together to achieve consensus on decisions that would impact all of them. But like so many of us, these well-intentioned, intentional communities hadn’t planned for Covid-19.

We had Zoom conversations with Elderberry Co-housing and Wolf Creek Lodge in May 2020 to see how – and what they were doing – during the pandemic. Both groups have valuable insights on how they’re dealing with the crisis

“Safety for Seniors” Part 2: Some Impacts of Climate Change on the Safety of Older Adults… and what to do about it.

When we think of climate change, we think of rising sea levels, extreme weather, and catastrophic fires. We seldom think of the impact of climate change on the health and safety of older adults. But it’s a real problem. Here are some suggestions on how to address those issues from Dr. Jan Gurley, Director of Public Health Emergency & Response as well as Deputy Health Officer, San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Special Note:  To help slow the spread of disease, please remember to wash your hands, maintain social distance and wear a mask.  Stay safe!

“Safety for Seniors” Part 1: Pay Attention & Have a Plan

This is the first segment of a senior safety video. What Mill Valley Fire Battalion Chief Mike St. John has to say about emergency preparedness and evacuation procedures is extremely important – especially when living in a suburban/wildland interface. It is relevant to everyone, not just seniors. It includes drone and time-lapse footage from the 2017 Sonoma fires, shot by Tim Metzger.


Rebuilding Together transforms the lives of low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners by repairing and improving the safety and health of their homes and revitalizing their communities. Nearly 100,000 volunteers complete about 10,000 rebuild projects nationwide each year.

Rebuilding Together San Francisco volunteers participate in the nationwide Rebuilding Day that takes place the last Saturday in April. They also run a year-round Safe at Home program that provides basic safety modifications and critical repairs for low income elderly and disabled people.

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