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The majority of us want to age in our own homes. But what happens when access to the care we need is difficult to come by? Family, friends may have moved away — or passed away. Others may be overwhelmed by the task.

This is where home caregivers come in. They are often unsung heroes who work long hours, are underpaid and face the challenges of caring for their own families in their “off hours.”

Cynthia Dagnal-Myron of the Huffington Post said the feature-length documentary, Care, directed by Deirdre Fishel and produced by Tony Heriza, “Tells a powerful tale of dedication … through the eyes of workers and clients caught in our woefully inadequate home health care system.”

CARE: The Documentary

This is an issue that affects all of us no matter where we live. You can watch the trailer for the film by clicking the play button on the left.  To learn more about the film or for those interested in hosting a community screening, please go to Care Documentary.  They also occasionally stream it for free.

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