Many of us want to age in our own homes, but for some of us the smartest choice is moving on to a new community where our needs can be met as we grow older. It could be a Senior Living Community, where we would be comfortable even as we grow more fragile. Or to a Niche Community where we could live with like-minded people. Or it could simply be moving to a new town to be closer to grandchildren. 

Watch the following films for more ideas.

Affordable Housing Films

Non-profits across the country are remodeling or building homes to offer affordable housing for low-income seniors. They each have their own room, with a private or shared bathroom and with shared living areas and grounds. Click to view the films.

Cohousing Films

Intentional, collaborative cohousing is often considered a relative of the communes of the 1960s. Residents actively participate in the design and operation of their communities while maintaining privacy living in their own homes. Click to view the film.

Moving Abroad Films

Many find living abroad a viable option that may include a lower cost of living. Others may decide to hit the road and explore places they never have been without the time limits of a two-week vacation.  Click to view the film.

Moving Closer to Family Films

It’s not unusual anymore for families that grew up in the same house to find themselves separated by many miles as they grow older. When downsizing, medical issues or just a desire to be closer to family combine forces, moving to a new city — or even a new state paves the way to new possibilities. Click to view the films.

Niche Communities Films

The retirement communities of the 1960’s have evolved from golf, pools and shuffleboard conclaves to niche communities for the arts (Burbank Senior Arts Colony) and letter carriers (Nalcrest, Tampa, FL – no dogs allowed). Click to view the films.

Often when one thinks of a nursing home, a nightmare of long, sterile hallways lined with lonely people slumped in wheelchairs comes to mind. The good news is work is being done to replace that empty vision with viable and most importantly, respectful alternatives. Click to view the films.

Senior Living Communities

Standing between age-restricted retirement communities and nursing homes are Senior Living Communities. They offer a fluid approach to the aging process. Click to view the films.

Shared Housing Films

For some, it is harkening back to their college days. For others, it is a financial necessity. But for many, it’s a way out of loneliness and a way to remain independent. Click to view the films.

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