About Staying Put or Moving On

Staying Put or Moving On is a series of short films and links to resources exploring where and how we’ll live as we grow older. It’s a subject we’ve been thinking about for a long time. We worry about friends who weren’t able to have children or chose not to. Or friends with kids who live far away. Who will take care of them — or keep them company? And what about friends who chose adventure or art over savings? Or others who just had bad luck along the way? How are they going to afford a decent place to live?

Should we stay in our own homes or is it time to move on?

Can we remain independent and safely live in our own homes?

Will we be a burden on our loved ones?

If we do move because of choice or necessity, where will we go?

Staying Put or Moving On provides information and insights about these questions so seniors and their families can make informed decisions about their choices going forward. Your input is valuable and welcome, as we discover and share what they’ve learned. When people from different parts of the country – or the world — share their insights and ideas, it enriches our understanding of what is possible as we grow older.

Tax-deductible donations and sponsorships make Staying Put or Moving On possible. They help us turn these stories into meaningful films, grow our team of filmmakers, expand our research, and share useful resources. If you have an idea for a potential sponsor or donor, please share this with them so they, too, can get involved.

About Peloton Productions

Founded in 1993, Peloton Productions is a full-service film and video production company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our high standards of production and creative integrity have allowed us to produce award-winning programs covering diverse subjects. Projects include documentaries, narrative film, commercials and marketing and educational films for non-profits and corporations. Learn more at pelotonproductions.com.

About Kristi Denton Cohen

Kristi is the founder and creative force behind Staying Put or Moving On and Peloton Productions. She produced the narrative feature film, The River Why, based on the acclaimed novel of the same name. Starring Zach Gilford, Amber Heard, Kathleen Quinlan, Dallas Roberts, William Devane and William Hurt, it won several awards, screened at film festivals and on cable, television and internet venues around the world, including Netflix and Showtime premium cable as well as on-demand on Amazon, Hulu, and Blockbuster.

Kristi produced, directed and co-wrote the documentary Vertical Frontier about the history of rock climbing in Yosemite. Narrated by Tom Brokaw, it won “Best Film on Climbing” at the prestigious Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2002 among numerous other prizes at national and international film festivals. Following its broadcast on Public Television, it had a long run on the NBC Universal Sports Channel.

She also produced and directed Funding Peace (about the Ploughshares Fund) which screened at the Slamdunk Film Festival and featured Michael Douglas and Nancy Pelosi; and Climb for Life (about ovarian cancer), narrated by Vicki Mabrey. In addition, she has done award-winning work for her corporate and non-profit clients.

From her many years in the business, Kristi is fortunate to know some of the finest independent filmmakers in California. We welcome their participation and contributions to Staying Put or Moving On.

In July 2023, Kristi was appointed to represent the City of Mill Valley on the Marin County Commission on Aging.


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