The “Staying Put” and “Moving On” sections offer straightforward ideas about where we’ll live as we get older and what kind of role place plays in the quality of our lives.  The “Insights and Ideas” section explores how we will live qualitatively no matter where we are located.

What determines how we age? For some, aging is informed by the 5 G’s: Grace. Gumption. Gratitude. Generosity. Goofiness. For others, it is simply determined by the stark reality of where we are on the scales of health, financial stability, and just plain luck.

The following films explore what we can learn from our shared experiences — and yes, our insights and ideas.

Advocacy Films

There are many challenges seniors face. Fortunately, there are advocates giving them support and encouragement to ensure their rights and safety. Click to view the films.

Decisions Films

Deciding where and how elders should live can be a gut-wrenching experience for them and their families. Click to view the films.

Fun Insights Films

Laughter is the best medicine, especially as we age. Click to view the films.

Reaching Out Films

In order to respect each other’s privacy, neighbors often have cordial but not close relationships. But what to do when one neighbor sees the other neighbor’s mail piling up? When is it time to get involved? Click to view the films.

Transportation Films

Giving up the car keys is one of the most difficult decisions a senior makes. The loss of independence can be devastating. But causing an accident because of diminished abilities is even worse. Click to view the films.

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