Exploring where and how we’ll live as we age are two of the most critical questions faced by the largest and oldest population bulge in human history. People from all walks of life are looking for answers to these questions, be it for themselves, their parents or their friends.

The objective of Staying Put or Moving On is to look at the options and give our audience a better understanding of their choices. In today’s world, the best way to do that is on multiple platforms:  through short films and other resources offered on our website stayormove.org. By engaging in the stories and building a community through social media, our audience connects with each other, shares their thoughts and ideas… and alleviates their fears of the unknown.

We rely on sponsorships and donations to meet our objectives, create more films and provide the resources our audience craves. The 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study reported “88% of consumers would buy a product with a social or environmental impact. 84% of consumers would tell friends and family about a company’s corporate social responsibility efforts.”

Let’s do good work together. To learn about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kristi Denton Cohen at kdc@pelotonproductions.com.