Holding on to that Memory…

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These days I don’t know if it’s having three concussions in as many years (caused by distracted drivers while I was at a complete stop every time – argh!!) or if it’s my age wracking up the numbers, but my memory at times can be downright maddening. I’ve never been very good with names and faces, but I’ve heard Oliver Sachs and Brad Pitt weren’t good at it either, so at least I have some esteemed company. Many friends that I care about but don’t see very often know they have to sometimes gently re-introduce themselves and I’m grateful for that. Otherwise, my panicked brain is jumping in circles thinking, “I know this person, I like this person. Their name is???” (followed by another argh!!).

My sister took a test and learned Alzheimer’s doesn’t run in the family so that is comforting. But what can I do about this dang forgetfulness? One person suggested as we age we have so much info floating around our brains that some of it take a backseat for awhile so new info can come on board.

Recondition Your Memory

I recently came across a Harvard study that suggests “Four tricks to rev up your memory.”  There are some good ones.  Check it out. I will, too, as long as I don’t forget.


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