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“Dial-A-Ride” Helps Seniors Stay Independent

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Dial-a-ride van turning a corner in the UK.

Many have faced the difficult decision to no longer drive because of health, vision and other age-related issues, whether it’s for themselves or a loved one. 

When some of our films screened at the 2017 Legacy Film Festival in San Francisco, we had the opportunity to view the film “Dial-A-Ride.”  This charming, award-winning short documentary tells the stories of passengers journeying through rural South Wales on a community bus. They reveal all the joys, challenges and quirks of growing old.

We immediately fell in love with the driver and the elders who use this community bus in South Wales. It’s a lifeline for independent living and helps prevent isolation, especially when one chooses to age in place. The better term for that now is age in community and it’s evident here.

Many thanks to George Cowie and Tom Huntingford of Superfolk Films in London for their amazing work and insights about such a sensitive and important issue.

Click to view our short film about “Staying Independent After Giving Up The Car Keys.”

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