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One of the challenges we face at Staying Put or Moving On is vetting new ideas or products that will really help seniors. (Including us – we’re 65+, too.)

We’ve Learned To Be Skeptical

I learned the phrases “snake oil” and “there’s a sucker born every minute” when I was a kid and I’m always wary of products that claim to be miraculous life-changers. With our senior population so huge, there are many businesses, some better than others that would like to take advantage of whatever we have left in our wallets.

These days we’ve learned to be cautious about what people allege their apps or devices will do for us or how their technology will “enrich our lives.”

Keeping that in mind, Marc Saltzman, of USA Today, presents a couple of home-based tech tools that will help us age in our homes longer. Some good ideas here:

‘Aging in place’ tech helps seniors live in their home longer

With that said, activity-based sensors, emergency pendants, and other devices will definitely add layers of safety when an older person is home alone, but remember human to human connection prevents social isolation and loneliness and is still the best ways to keep all of us older folks healthy.

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