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sunset over city8 Things Your City Should Be Doing to Help You Age Well Check out Age-Friendly New York City’s checklist of steps every city should be taking to help its residents age with dignity, mobility and independence.  PBS News Hour

senior woman stares out windowWho Will Take Care of Childless Boomers? One study predicts that about a quarter of boomers may become “elder orphans.” That’s a newly coined term for people who reach old age with no family or friends left, like the 81-year-old North Carolina man who made the news in May when he called 911 for food because he had no one else to turn to. –

The Childless Plan for Their Fading DaysThe Childless Plan for Their Fading Days According to an August 2013 report from AARP, 11.6 percent of women ages 80 to 84 were childless in 2010. By 2030, the number will reach 16 percent. What’s more, in 2010, the caregiver support ratio was more than seven potential caregivers for every person over 80 years old. By 2030, that ratio is projected to decline to four to one. By 2050, it’s expected to fall to three to one.— The New York Times