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seniors talkingNORCs: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities Sizable elderly populations such as NORCs come about when people decide to age in place at their homes instead of relocating. Naturally occurring retirement communities now have the NORC Supportive Services Program (NORC-SSP) in place to assist with healthy aging.

Asian couples playing GoNaturally Occurring Retirement Communities: A Creative Housing Option The NORC – Naturally Occurring Retirement Community model may be right for many people. The Hartford

Aging in Place iconRethinking an Aging Society Text of a speech delivered by Fredda Vladeck, director of the Aging in Place Initiative“I was a geriatric social worker working on a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded project called “Hospital Initiatives in Long-Term Care.” I was charged with figuring out how to deal with the environmental problem of frail older adults stuck in their apartments…” United Hospital Fund

women in lincoln squareLincoln Square Neighborhood Center NORC Program Founded just a few years after World War II ended, the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center has its roots in the settlement house movement, and its programs have historically been designed to respect and capitalize on the community’s culture, tradition, and history. That translates into a commitment to “leverage the social capital of our residents,” explains Stephanie Pinder, the center’s executive director. – NORC Blueprint

seniors hiking in a forestNORCs: Unique Havens for an Aging America  Overwhelmingly, people who are getting older want to stay in their homes, and their numbers are soaring. Nearly 14 percent of the U.S. population, or 40 million Americans, will be at least 65 years old next year. By 2040, there will be twice as many, and 28 million of them will be at least 80 years old, according to Census Bureau projections. — US News