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Safe & Healthy Homes

With so many of us wanting to age in place – no matter what place we chose —  being healthy and safe gains increasing importance.  From avoiding tripping on a rug to maintaining home repairs to remembering what to do in an emergency are all important items on the home health and safety to-do list. 

“Safety for Seniors” Part 2: Some Impacts of Climate Change on the Safety of Older Adults… and what to do about it.

When we think of climate change, we think of rising sea levels, extreme weather, and catastrophic fires. We seldom think of the impact of climate change on the health and safety of older adults. But it’s a real problem. Here are some suggestions on how to address those issues from Dr. Jan Gurley, Director of Public Health Emergency & Response as well as Deputy Health Officer, San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Special Note:  To help slow the spread of disease, please remember to wash your hands, maintain social distance and wear a mask.  Stay safe!

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