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The retirement communities of the 1960’s have evolved from golf, pools and shuffleboard conclaves to niche communities for the arts (Burbank Senior Arts Colony), star-gazers (Chiefland Astronomy Village in Chiefland, FL), LGBT communities (Openhouse, San Francisco, CA) and letter carriers (Nalcrest, Tampa, FL – no dogs allowed). Residents talk about why they chose to live in these communities.


Burbank Senior Arts Center was the first apartment community dedicated to providing exceptional independent living in a creative art-inspired environment.  Residents are encouraged to participate in live theater, creative arts, computer class and anti-aging exercise classes. A video produced by Aroha Philanthropies beautifully tells their story.


In order to receive quality care and housing, some of the 20,000 seniors in San Francisco fear they may have to go back into the closet. Because of the lack of affordable housing, others worry they have to leave the city they love. provides LGBT seniors living in San Francisco affordable housing and services.


Started by the National Association of Postal Workers, Nalcrest retirement community is located in Central Florida.  It features 500 garden-style apartments arranged in clusters of four to 10 apartments – all on ground level.   One thing not found there? Dogs.

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