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Multi-Generational Living

Whether it’s a young adult moving back in with the family or an older parent rejoining the clan, there are now 50 million Americans living in multigenerational households, a 10 percent increase from 2007. Does it take saint-like mindfulness and consideration to make it work or will the refrains of a well-known 1961 song “Mother-in-law” start echoing down the hallway? (click to read the lyrics here!)

Accessory Dwelling Units

One solution that allows a certain degree of autonomy is the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), a new term for the old idea of “grannie flat” or “in-law unit”. It is a separate unit complete with sleeping/living area, bathroom and a small kitchen that is built next to or near the family home. It allows the senior to continue to live independently, knowing the support of family is close by.

The film is titled “Multi-Generational Living:  It seemed nuts at the time…” But it actually makes a lot of sense as you will learn when you watch it.

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