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2 gay retireesRetirement homes geared to gays offer compassion, community  Matile Rothschild and Joan Zimmerman lived more than a decade in their San Francisco home, in a quiet neighborhood near Lake Merced where they had a community of friends who were like family. But in recent years that started to change as their friends retired and moved away. The women began considering their own options, even checking out a retirement home in Portland, Ore., near Rothschild’s son. – SF Gate

2 gay men retireesStaff Training Is Key to Creating an LGBT-Friendly Housing Environment The situation facing many LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) older adults is trying to find safe, affordable, and high-quality housing. Years of living in environments hostile to the LGBT community have made many older adults afraid to openly identify as LGBT. Even in 2015, anti-LGBT discrimination and abuse are well-founded, and fears of discrimination are realistic.— American Society on Aging

Letter Carriers’ Retirement Community signNo Dogs Allowed at Letter Carriers’ Retirement Community If you’re a retired postal worker, the last thing you may want to see is a stack of mail or a territorial dog. At the nation’s only retirement community for postal workers, you won’t have to deal with either of those things. –

over Ft Lauderdale Gay Retirement Today we’re taking a look at gay-friendly retirement locations. It turns out that it’s a myth that most gay people live in a handful of well-known urban neighborhoods like the Castro in San Francisco or Chelsea in New York City. You can go back to the 2000 Census and learn that same-sex couples live in 99 percent of U.S. counties.— Huffington Post

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