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3 senior vets sittingMedical Foster Homes – An Emerging Supportive Housing Choice for Older Veterans Recently I found out about an interesting project that the Veteran’s Administration has been spearheading for several years called “Medical Foster Homes”. These homes provide an alternative to nursing homes for veterans who are unable to live safely and independently at home or lack a strong family caregiver. The homes are open to vets of all ages but the average age is 70.– Nancy Rhine, MS, LMFT, CPG

2 senior veterans at homeFor Veterans, an Alternative to the Nursing Home Paulia and Bienne Bastia set two dinner tables in their house in Mount Airy, Pa., each night, one for their three children, and another for themselves and the two older men the children call “Grampa.”The Army veterans Booker Lovett, 79, and Wesley Ottis Furr, 95, are not related to the Bastias or to each other, but this has been their home since late winter. They’re participants in the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Foster Home program, which places veterans who need round-the-clock care in private homes. – The New York Times