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The Memories Project Joy Johnston and her fatherThe Memories Project The Memories Project began as Joy Johnston’s tribute to her father who died in December 2011 from Alzheimer’s complications. In subsequent years, it has served as an advocacy tool for Alzheimer’s awareness and for increasing support for family caregivers.

senior woman kissing another's handRebecca Mead: New Ways to Care for People with Dementia An Arizona nursing home offers new ways to care for people with dementia. Beatitudes aims at offering dementia patients—“people who have trouble thinking”—a comfortable decline instead of imposing a medical model of care, which seeks to defer death through escalating interventions – The New Yorker

forget me not flowers16 Things I Would Want If I Get Dementia Honestly, there are many things that scare me much more than dementia does. Don’t get me wrong: dementia is a terrible group of diseases. I’ve been fortunate, however, to see many of the beautiful moments that people with dementia can experience. Just in case I do get dementia, I’ve written a list of rules I’d like to live by.  – The Alzheimers Reading Room