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home sweet home needlepoint hanging on wall How to Talk to Your Parents About Moving Out of Their Big, Beautiful House As your parents get older, chances are they’re going to want to stay in their own homes, rather than move to a condo or retirement community — most people do. But aging in place may not be a realistic option.-


Creating Aging-Friendly Communities book coverCreating Aging-Friendly Communities by Andrew Scharlach and Amanda Lehning Creating Aging-Friendly Communities (CAFC) examines the need to redesign America’s communities to respond to the realities of our rapidly aging society. The text focuses on the interface between individuals and their environments, and the ways in which communities can enhance individual and community well-being. What differentiates CAFC from other books is its breadth of focus, its comprehensive and evidence-based consideration of key concepts, its inclusion of social as well as physical infrastructure characteristics, and its intensive examination of models of community change for fostering aging-friendliness.